Smith talks Welty in Garden & Gun

Smith talks Welty in Garden & Gun

Every other month I watch my mailbox, impatiently waiting on the new issue of Garden & Gun magazine. Its over-sized pages never disappoint, and the latest issue was no exception. Lee Smith, beloved Virginia author, discusses her origin as an author and the impact Eudora Welty had on her development as a writer and storyteller. Welty, whose powerful books and short stories often painted a truthful portrait of Depression-era southern life, inspired Smith initially during a lecture at Hollins University:

“Miss Welty had seemed perfectly composed as she was reading; her face was luminous, lit from within. Now, having finished, she looked nearly shy, though her huge blue eyes were shining. ‘Well,’ she said, looking all around, ‘any questions?’ Hands waved everywhere.”

Smith’s latest novel, Dimestore, will be released on March 22, 2016. In the meantime, I highly recommend her previous novel, Guests on Earth, which discusses mental illness and another southern darling, Zelda Fitzgerald. Read the Garden & Gun article here.

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